We are happy to offer the healthiest and tastiest beef you will ever eat. Orders can be taken at any time for the following months: Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, and Nov. We sell by the 1/4 (up to 100 lbs mol), 1/2 (up to 300 lbs mol) or whole steer (up to 600 lbs mol) All are preorder only.  

Prices are as follows: 1/4 $675, 1/2 $1275 and Whole $2425.

Once you place an order, we will send an invoice to you with all the payment options and a great Cooking Tips page, since grass fed beef cooks differently, you will love this info. We then pick up the cattle from a wonderful farm in Georgia that pride themselves on their techniques. GAP certified, all sustainable pastures, no hormones or antibiotics and excellent treatment of all the cattle. Happy cows make happy customers and its always great to know what you’re eating has been eating

Once we pick up the cattle, we then deliver to a custom slaughter facility in or around Zephyrhills, Fl.  (we use a few different ones, depending on their availability at time of our orders) The steers will hang for approximately 14 days. At that time the butcher will call you to let you know your beef is ready to pick up. Your beef will be wrapped or vacuum sealed, frozen and labeled (depending on butcher, may be boxed as well) when you pick it up.  You will pay him for the cut and wrap process.  Depending on the butcher they go to, the fee will be from $125-$135 kill and from .45-.85/lb cut n wrap.  If purchasing a 1/4 or 1/2, the kill fee will be divided between buyers.

If ordering a 1/2 or whole cow you will get a cut sheet sent to you. You will fill that out and send it back to us at the time of payment for your share and we will give it to the butcher. This tells him what cuts you want, how many per pack and thickness of steaks. The 1/4 will be a little of everything from one side, front and back.

If you purchase a whole steer and have another butcher you would like to use, we can work that out.  Just let us know up front and make sure your butcher can take it on our delivery dates.

Please check out our FaceBook page at: www.facebook.com/allnaturalbeef
There you can look in the “About” section to understand the entire process and check out the “visitor Post” and see what people are saying about this beef. It truly is amazing.  Of course, we cannot make every single person happy but we sure do try.

To place your order, just fill out this form. Please put what size you would like to order in the “comments” section and we will send you a response along with an invoice.  If the form is not accessible, please email us with what size you wish to order and a contact number.  Thank you