Archives for October 2010

Cattle Tip

We all should know by now that calves under 500 lbs. get more money at the market and it’s never mattered what they were, heifers, steers or bulls.  We always cut our bull calves so I wouldn’t really see a difference but a customer was told the other day that his calves would have gotten […]

Trailering Horses

I just read a story of a woman who hired a transporter for her new horse.  With several quotes, she opted for the lowest bid.  They showed up to pick her new horse up with a cattle trailer.  This could be ok, but they had wire stapled to the floor so the cattle do not […]

Cooler Weather Coming

As the cooler weather approaches make sure your horses are still drinking plenty of water.  Keeping a salt or mineral block in their stall or pasture helps to make them thirsty.  I personally prefer one of those big brown mineral blocks in the pasture.