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Cattle Premise (Traceability Law)

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I recently found out about this and it is apparent that most people, even cattle ranches, have never heard of it.  From what I found out it is on hold but will be in effect soon.   This will be a problem for me when people call to take cattle someplace, I will have to ask them if they have their premise tags and if not give them the info and then they will have to wait 2 or 3 weeks to receive their id.  Please pass the word on to anyone who may need to know about this.

ANY cattle over 18 months old, whether it is one or 100 head, must be ear tagged with a premise tag.   In order to get the tags, you have to register with the State of Florida, through the Department of Agriculture.  You will then be sent your registration card with your personal id number.  You then will be able to order or pick up your tags at certain locations, most of them will be free.

There are very few exceptions, such as, cattle moving directly to slaughter, going to an approved tagging site or moving from pasture to pasture.

For more info please go to this site:


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