Trailering Horses

I just read a story of a woman who hired a transporter for her new horse.  With several quotes, she opted for the lowest bid.  They showed up to pick her new horse up with a cattle trailer.  This could be ok, but they had wire stapled to the floor so the cattle do not slip (common practice).  The only problem was her new horse had shoes on.  One of his shoes got hung in the wire and he panicked and pulled the wire right off the floor and caused severe lacerations to himself before anyone could get him out of the trailer.

Always ask questions when hiring a transporter.  Sometimes the cheapest is not the best way to go.


  1. Shelly Hoffman says:


    I have a horse I am going to look at today and was curious how much you would charge to trailer her. Of course I am just looking today not buying but I was curious about your prices.

    The total miles is 19.13 miles. I live in Wesley Chapel and the farm is in Dade City.

    An estimate would be fine.

    Thank you.

    • Anything under 100 miles I charge $60 to pick up and then $1 per mile where ever you go. Feel free to call at anytime if you need my help. Thanks 813-690-1826

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