Cattle Premise (Traceability Law)

I recently found out about this and it is apparent that most people, even cattle ranches, have never heard of it.  From what I found out it is on hold but will be in effect soon.   This will be a problem for me when people call to take cattle someplace, I will have to ask […]

Equine Herpes Virus Update

Follow this link for the latest information. This is why I don’t like to do multiple pickups, too risky mixing strange animals.

Animal, horse and livestock “Rescues”

With the economy being so sketchy today there are so many people giving their loved pets to rescue groups.  Please do your homework! Go to the rescue yourself, unanounced if possible, check it out, talk to neighbors if you can.   The terrible stories I hear break my heart.  There are some really good people out […]

Bagged Shavings

DG brand, $5.25 delivered to your door, min. 40 bags for delivery.  3 types:   fine (easy clean), blended mix and large flakes.  Limited delivery areas, just give me a shout and I’ll let you know if we can work it out.

Cattle Tip

We all should know by now that calves under 500 lbs. get more money at the market and it’s never mattered what they were, heifers, steers or bulls.  We always cut our bull calves so I wouldn’t really see a difference but a customer was told the other day that his calves would have gotten […]

Trailering Horses

I just read a story of a woman who hired a transporter for her new horse.  With several quotes, she opted for the lowest bid.  They showed up to pick her new horse up with a cattle trailer.  This could be ok, but they had wire stapled to the floor so the cattle do not […]

Cooler Weather Coming

As the cooler weather approaches make sure your horses are still drinking plenty of water.  Keeping a salt or mineral block in their stall or pasture helps to make them thirsty.  I personally prefer one of those big brown mineral blocks in the pasture.

Did you know?

Lantana is a itchy weed, yes it is a weed.  It is sold in stores in a variety of colors but it is also found in fields and on the sides of roads all over the place.  The wild type is typically yellow to orange or a tri color bloom.  Horses wont usually eat it […]

Weather Change Is A-Comin!

I’ll be bathing my horses this weekend for the last time this summer.   I do not show or anything so they don’t get “full” bathes all winter.  I can’t wait for the cooler weather, that means more riding for us!!!!!

Cattle Tip

The Cattle prices are looking a little bit better…just remember to take your calves before they get over 500 lbs.  You’ll get more moola for em!